Self Preparation Tips for GATE 2017 to Score Top AIR

Dear GATE 2017 Exam aspirant,

Self Preparation is sometimes better comparing to any coaching centres, irrespective of the type of Competitive Exam. Are you not interested with the combined study? Are you planning to do self-study without joining coaching institutes? Here are some good GATE 2017 Self Preparation Tips to score Top AIR in GATE Exam.

Self Preparation Tips for GATE 2017 Online Exam:

Self Preparation Tips for GATE 2017
Self Preparation Tips for GATE 2017
  • Start from scratch. Get the syllabus of GATE exam.
  • Acquire previous year question papers and make an attempt to solve them.
  • The result will make you understand the competitiveness of the exam and will help you to judge your abilities.
  • Don’t lose confidence at the initial results. Remember, with good preparation plan and regular practise, things will come to your grasp. Trust your abilities.
  • Take help from your seniors who have passed or even attended the exam. Ask for their recommendations about the choice of books and study materials.
  • Purchase only standard books like Kanodia and other GATE exam study materials.
  • Set realistic goals .like say, completing one subject in 15 days.
  • Time bound plan is necessary with proper allocation given to numerical aptitude and your core subjects.
  • Stick to the plan. One you complete one topic, solve as many problems of that chapter from previous year question papers.
  • Start your preparation with easier subjects or chapters you like the most.
  • Dedicate minimum 2 or 3 hours in a day for studying the subjects and one hour for revision.
  • Make short notes of basic concepts in every chapter. Let it be simple and brief covering important points. This will come in handy, while you are revising before a month to the exam.
  • Complete the subjects as per the GATE syllabus.
  • Never leave out any chapters in your core subject .Remember, GATE exams has negative marks for wrong answers. Try to master the subjects.
  • Clear your doubts from other books or from internet web sources.
  • Make a periodic review about your status of your preparations. Complete the topics with in the targeted time.
  • Get the grasp of the exam by attending as many mock tests. Find your weak areas. Work on them constantly.
  • Mathematics will make huge difference to your GATE scores. Together with aptitude questions, Mathematics will give you around 30 marks. They are less difficult as compared to questions from your core subject.
  • Improve your mathematical abilities with constant practise. Remember the proverb “practise makes a man perfect”.
  • Look for perfection. Don’t leave any stones unturned in your endeavour to crack GATE exam.
  • Ensure your body is in good shape with simple exercises. Maintain a healthy food habit.
  • Take some small breaks from your stressful preparation. Relax yourself with simple meditation. Avoid burn out’s.
  • Avoid wasting too much time in internet and other entertainment. To satisfy your cravings for online surfing, join in good forums dedicated to GATE exam preparation.
  • Share your doubts and get clarity from other aspirants.
  • You can also find GATE toppers sharing their experiences social networking sites like Facebook.
  • Finally, remember a very important point. GATE exam is not about reading and reading so many chapters. It is mainly about how to use your mind wisely. It tests your logical thinking ability and attitude to remain calm in stressful conditions.


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