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Hello GATE 2017 Aspirants. I welcome you all to one of the best blog in the internet regards GATE 2017 Online Examination at its best. Hope you all knew well that, GATE 2017 GOAPS opens by September 1, 2016. If you aren’t sure about the dates, don’t worry, make a note on the GATE 2017 Important Dates here. Today, we are here to discuss about one of the most important key to crack Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, none other than the “GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator”. Though you can several useful tips regards cracking GATE 2017 exam in 1st Attempt, unless you practice well with the one of the key elements in GATE i.e. the GATE Virtual Scientific Calculator, your chances of getting the Top AIR Ranks isn’t that easy, without any second thought.

No Personal Scientific Calculators are Allowed in GATE 2017:

GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator
GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator

Students mostly practice with their personal scientific calculator during their college academics as well as for GATE examinations. However, this practice has been taken to another by IISc Bangalore by Not allowing personal scientific calculator in the GATE 2016 examination, however provided another valuable route to perform calculations in the name of “Virtual Scientific Calculator”. Since GATE 2016 students are requested to practice in Virtual Online Scientific Calculator instead of the personal scientific calci.

Advantages of Using Virtual Scientific Calculator for GATE:

As peoples are finding difficulties in shifting to the usage of Online Scientific Calculator than the normal personal scientific calci, there are various advantages associated with usage of Online Virtual Calculator in GATE and are as follows.

  • For easy access, the right hand side of the virtual calculator contains all the keys required for simple operations.
  • All Scientific functions and operations are separated on the left hand side of the virtual calculator.
  • Inverse functions have separate keys (no need to press SHIFT or INV keys)
  • Functions are grouped together for easy access. All trigonometric functions are together. Inverse functions are placed below the respective functions.
  • Two display boxes are provided at the top of the virtual calculator. The top box indicates the sequence of the keys pressed (not the actual calculations) and is just for reference.
  • The display box below it indicates the actual values entered or obtained after calculations.

Practice using Virtual Calculator for GATE 2017:

The given below table is an official GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator available with the IITRookee and you can simply bookmark this page to use & practice in GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator at its best.

Note: No internet connectivity is necessary to perform calculations in Virtual Scientific Calculator for GATE 2017. However, internet is required just to open this page.

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How to Use Virtual Calculator in GATE 2017:

Before starting practicing with the GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator, you might have several questions within your mind.

  • How to Use the GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator?
  • Where to Download the Offline Virtual Calculator for GATE 2017?
  • Steps to Practice with GATE Virtual Calculator 2017?
  • Guide to use Virtual Scientific Calculator in GATE 2017?
  • How to Perform Special Operations using Online Virtual Calculator in GATE?

We can certainly see the complete information about How to use Online Virtual Calculator for GATE 2017 in the following lines.

How to Calculate Examples
For Simple Arithmetic To calculate 50 + 45 x 3 candidates must enter 50, +, 45, *, 3, =

To evaluate: 50 x 45-2 candidates must enter 50, *, 45, -, 2, =

Similarly to evaluate: 25 x (5+5) candidates must enter 25, *, (, 5, +, 5, ), =

For evaluating function (value) To evaluate 2 + log(20) x 5 candidates must enter  20, log, *, 5, +, 2, =

To evaluate log(30) x 5 – 7 candidates must enter  30, log,*, 5, -, 7, =

To evaluate In(25) x 2 + 5 candidates must enter  25, In, *, 2, +, 5, =

To evaluate 5 + In(25) x 2 candidates must enter  25, In, *, 2, +, 5,=

To use sin(Degree), cos(Degree), tan(Degree) To evaluate sin(45) or cos(45) or tan(45) candidates must enter 45, sin or cos or tan

To evaluate: tan(45) x 5 + 2 candidates must enter 45, tan, *, 5, +, 2, =

To find out yroot() value To evaluate 4th root of 5 candidates must enter 5, y√x, 4, =
To find out cube() value To evaluate: 563 x 6+8 candidates must enter 56, x3 , *, 6, +, 8, =
To find π value To evaluate 5 π candidates must enter 5, *, π
To find cuberoot() To evaluate cube root(3) candidates must enter 3,3√
To find out square root To evaluate square root(4) candidates must enter 4,√
To find out factorial (nỊ)


To evaluate factorial(5) candidates must enter 5, nỊ

To evaluate factorial(6)*5-2 candidates must enter 6, nỊ, *, 5, -, 2, =

To find exponential (ex ) To evaluate e0 candidates must enter 0, ex
To find 10x


To evaluate 102.5 candidates must enter 2.5, 10x

To evaluate 10-0.509 candidates must enter 10, ^, 0.509, +/-, =

To evaluate 10-2 candidates must enter 10, ^, 2, +/-, =

FAQs about using GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator:

Some FAQs about the GATE 2017 Virtual Scientific Calculator are as follows

Q: How to do the calculations involving fractions?

A: This is not a fractional calculator. NAT questions need answers only in decimal form.

Q: How to convert polar to rectangular form and vice versa?

A: Candidates are expected to use appropriate conversions using the calculator as no separate keys are available for this.

Q:  How to represent Complex numbers?

A: Complex numbers cannot be represented in this calculator. All questions relating to any area where complex numbers might be deemed useful, eg. in power systems or other areas, can be solved using this calculator.

Q:  How to carry out Matrix operations like inverse, transpose etc?

A: Candidates need to carry out all the matrix related calculations manually.

Q:  How to solve quadratic, cubic or simultaneous equations?

A: The GATE 2017 Virtual Calculator is a non-programmable calculator. It does not solve equations.

Q: Can one get a stand-alone calculator app for their mobile or computer?

A: No. The calculator can be accessed through web. A Web connection is needed only to load the calculator on your webpage on your computer or mobile. Once it is loaded an internet connection is not needed to carry out the calculations.

Q: How to access the values of constants like Planck’s constant, electron mass etc.?

A: The constants needed for solving any questions will be provided in the question paper. Wherever it is not provided then it is expected that the candidates should know the values of such constants.

Q: Can a student use the keyboard?

A: No. students cannot access the keyboard during the entire duration of examination. They will have to use the mouse only.

Q: How to evaluate 4root16?

A: The key sequence is 16, yrootx, 4. Students must remember that the top most display area will show the sequence of the keys pressed and not the formula.

Hope you have got reasonable information about How to use GATE 2017 Virtual Scientific Calculator for sure. If you are still have any queries regards using GATE 2017 Online Virtual Calculator, don’t hesitate to write to us at We will help you shortly. Share with this with your fellow aspirants to make aware of “How to Use Virtual Calculator in GATE 2017”.


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