How to Prepare for GATE 2017?

How to Prepare for GATE 2017?, is one of the most familiar search terms in Internet by any of the Engineering Aspirants. Yes, there are ample of opportunities you can create with the GATE examination and hence the aspirants are searching for the right Preparation Tips for the same.

We are here to provide you the reliable information and real time tips for the upcoming GATE Examination 2017. Just make the most of the same and get cleared with the exam at its best. We hope the following article will give you the promising tips to pass the GATE 2017 exam in a meaningful way.

How to prepare for GATE 2017
How to prepare for GATE 2017

Are you one of the many aspiring engineering graduates determined to crack GATE 2017? If yes, you have realistic chance to come out with flying colours. Gate 2017 is year away from now and the aspirants have ample time for carrying out a well-planned preparation to crack the exam with relative ease. Every year many engineering, technology and architecture graduates appear for GATE exam which is mandatory for gaining admission into post graduate courses in country’s premier educational institutes like IIT, IISC and major international institutions . GATE Exam poses big challenge as relatively small percentage of aspirants pass out with good score.

Still Wonder, What inspires many graduates to burn their midnight oil to climb a big mountain? Simply because, successful candidates can pursue higher studies in local and international premier educational institutes which are the gateway for dream jobs in MNC’s with hefty pay-packets as starting salary. The financial independence and job security drives many aspirants from all over the country to take GATE exam every year. Essentially, the Gate exam tests the conceptual clarity of the aspirants and the successful student requires systematic approach and dedicated practise to crack the exam. The objective of GATE exam is to test the fastness and accuracy of the aspirants to solve the problems.

Remember, the GATE exam preparation varies from one aspirant to another as it depends on number of factors like your financial status, your subject knowledge, job environment, your abilities, attitude and aspirations. As an aspiring engineering graduate, you may either decide to join coaching institutes which are expensive or do self-study by forming a group of like-minded aspiring friends. Remember, whatever way you have decided to choose, finally your determination and dedication alone is going to help you taste the success.

Ideally, start your preparation with clear understanding of the GATE exam syllabus and collect relevant books for each of the subject. Follow only those books which are considered gold standard for the course.

Here we go with the list of ways to clear the GATE exam by knowing,

How to Prepare for GATE 2017” at its best.

The strategies of many successful candidates include to,

Acquire and solve as many previous year question papers as possible which are nowadays   easily available through online educational websites.

Prioritize. Analyse these question papers and prepare list of subjects which are given preference in terms of high marks.

Time Management. Divide your preparation schedule into months or weeks as per your convenience and time availability and allocate maximum time for those important subjects.  

After thorough reading of a chapter in a subject, maintain separate notes of important points of the chapter for later revision at the time of exam.

Self-Evaluation. Also solve the problems of the chapter asked in previous question papers to evaluate your own preparation.

Complete your detailed reading by December 2016 i.e. before 2 months of GATE 2017. 

Allocate last one month for revision.

Devote your final 15 days for fast solving previous question papers

To begin with, make an attempt to solve previous year questions to understand the level where you stand and start your preparations.

Best of Luck.

Hope you got an idea of How to Prepare for GATE 2017 and pass the same with certain visualized AIR for sure. For more details about the preparation tips, write to us on


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