Preparation Tips for PSU Interview through GATE

Most of us certainly apply for the GATE exam just to make sure we are eligible for the PSU Recruitment through GATE for sure. Even though we would clear the GATE Exam at the first attempt, you should certainly pass through the PSU Interview to get your Dream job in your core BE BTech department. Are you looking for some preparation tips for your PSU Interviews? If yes, continue reading the post.

The PSU companies look for smart employees and not just studious or hard working ones. The smartness in you will reflect only by your answers in interviews. The calm and cool composure of a candidate will attract the attention of the PSU recruitment panel for offering employment. The interview panel could contain many members. Generally, PSU interviews may have a professor from reputed institutes. The central figure could be a retired IAS officer, who has the final say in your selection. You need to maintain proper eye contact with all members.

PSU Interview Preparation Tips
PSU Interview Preparation Tips

Generally, questions could start from personal details and migrate to specialization subject topic questions. The questions could also include about the personal interests, hobbies and other ice breaker questions.

A good GATE rank is vital for understanding the intelligence level of the candidates. The GATE scores largely determine your selection so it is better to obtain a GATE score.

Many factors play a significant role in attracting the interview panel in the PSU recruitments.

  • Be well groomed. Proper attire , formal shoes are imprtant
  • Carry relevant academic and technical qualification documents. Gather all relevant documents, one day prior to the interview to avoid last minute searches and related tensions and anxiety.
  • Be strong in current affairs. Keep updated about the latest news about important happenings around the world. Update your latest general knowledge about current burning topics
  • Have a good understanding about the history of PSU and recent developments
  • Be confident, listen to the questions properly. Answer briefly relevant to the questions.
  • Be alert about the surroundings in the waiting hall like hanging pictures, mission and vision statements
  • Don’t give sarcastic answers, or appear rude or unpleasant during the interview. It is a strict NO that will earn you only disqualification.
  • Know your subjects well, which is the most important aspect of the interview. Be thorough about the important concepts in your specialization.
  • Be alert to your interview environment and be quick witted in your answers.

Important question that can be asked in PSU could in the lines like

Why should we select you?

This is one of the most preferred PSU Interview Questions through GATE. You need to list your strengths, attitude and your improvement areas. Be precise. Don’t beat round the bush. Be specific to the point. Listen to the question properly. Maintain calm and body posture. Check your body language. Try a mock interview with your friend. Don’t show any emotions, however the stressful interviews could be. Browse and understand from previous PSU interviews, to know how seniors cracked the interview.

Preparation Interview Tips for Group Discussions:

  • You need to be good communicator, if not, develop good communication skills
  • Initiators are considered leader of the group, and will score more points than the other participants
  • Maintain self-dignity. You don’t need to scream loud to be heard.
  • Be positive

The span of a PSU interview could range from 30 minutes to one hour .That is the time given to the candidates to impress the panel and gain entry into the PSU. You need to give your best.


Hello GATE 2017 Aspirant! Myself providing GATE 2017 Tips in mood of helping the peoples who are interested in Clearing their GATE 2017 @ First Attempt. Go through the list of above mentioned preparation tips, have a note to the PSU Jobs, make use of the Free Books, Admission details & more. Don't hesitate to write me for any GATE 2017 related topics at All the best.

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