Easy Tips to Crack GATE 2017 Exam in 1st Attempt

There are plethora of engineering students in India, whose ultimate aim in their Final Year BE BTech is Cracking GATE 2017 in 1st Attempt for sure. Looking for some Easy Tips to qualify in GATE 2017? When it comes to cracking GATE exam, there are no easy short cuts available, however there are certain ways, which leads you to the success in the upcoming examination even at your 1st Attempt indeed.

Easy Tips for GATE 2017
Easy Tips for GATE 2017

Easiest tip for a GATE aspirant is GIVE YOUR BEST PREPARATION.

Easy Tips for GATE 2017 Preparation:

  • Know the GATE syllabus.
  • Attempt to solve previous year question papers. This will help you become comfortable with pattern and important topics and subjects
  • Collect importantbooks and study materials.

Free Books for GATE 2017

  • Start your preparation with easy subject which is important for GATE exam
  • Practice more problems, rather than reading for hours together.
  • Be strong in concepts. If a subject contains lengthy questions you may choose to skip it. Remember, GATE exam tests your conceptual skills and not your memory skills.
  • Improve your numerical ability and logical thinking
  • For a focussed preparation, join in a reputed coaching institute.
  • You need to master minimum 2 or 3 subjects
  • You may need daily 5 to 6 hours dedicated preparation to crack GATE with 5 months preparation.
  • Make revisionnotes of formulas, definitions and fundamental concepts.
  • Practice Quizzes/tests from online sites.
  • Know the weightage of each section and collect books accordingly

For few subjects, preparation from one book may be sufficient. Collect multiple standard books for important subjects based on GATE syllabus and topics covered. Remember, GATE syllabus topics may not be covered in a single book, particularly your core subject

GATE 2017 Study Materials:

You have 3 sources namely: Coaching institute material, books and online material.

A good coaching institute material will have contents with in the GATE syllabus, which may not be sufficient for your preparation.

When you are doing self-preparation, and have more time in hand, the best suggestion will be to go for standard books. They will have extensive information, but will require ample time for complete understanding. Save your preparation time only preparing relevant topics of GATE syllabus instead of preparing whole book.

Nowadays, there is plethora of material available in online sources which will result mainly in information overload. Be diligent and careful, while selecting particular online material for your preparation. Quizzes available in online medium facilitate better preparation. So join one or two online series.

Some Easy Tips to follow during the GATE 2017 Exam:

  • GATE questions are not lengthy. You should be able solve problems in less steps.

GATE 2016 Question Papers All Sessions

  • Don’t attempt any question which you are not sure of getting it correct. Remember wrong answers have negative marks .Leave it. Negative marks costs a lot.
  • Have a strong and clear mind during the entire course of the exam. Be confident and don’t get demotivated while you see some difficult questions.
  • Avoid wasting time in solving difficult questions. Don’t miss the easy scoring opportunities which may come in the latter part of the question paper.

Finally, remember, there are no shortcuts to success. Always keep in mind the famous quote by great Thomas Alva Edison.


 Best of luck.

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